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 Application: Diximiq

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Application: Diximiq Empty
PostSubject: Application: Diximiq   Application: Diximiq EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 12:30 pm

In game name : Diximiq
Summoner lvl ( 30 required ) : Ofc iam level 30 Smile
Country : Sweden
Age : 18
Main champs : Mhm hard to say i play alot of champs and i like to master evryone but the mostly id play id say Malzhar, Vladimir, , Jax, Udyr
Mostly played teamrole : Id prefer Carry but i like to play evry role, support,jungle, tank doesent matter like it all
Average playtime : 20-30 hours per week

Reason why u want to join MD: Want to join becuase u guys seem like a good clan a friendly one and i want to get better in this game and by doing that need help from a clan.
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Application: Diximiq
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