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 The Recruitment Rules!

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The Recruitment Rules! Empty
PostSubject: The Recruitment Rules!   The Recruitment Rules! EmptyWed May 11, 2011 1:34 pm

Must be level 30.
Speak proper English.
Understand and play at least 10 different champs.
Must be online at least 3 days a weeks , otherwise u'r not much of a player.
Have a polite attitude towards your clan members.
Must be open to suggestions from more experienced members.
And when online don't just wait for others to invite you , be active and create your own premades or talk with the ppl about creating one.

And lastly : http://www.raidcall.com/
Download Raidcall from this web-page and join us on the channel Minimal Damage.
In case you don't know how , when u open the program it has a ''Find'' feature and u simply search for our clan name there.
We can also see how much time u spend on Raidcall , and those that are more active will get accepted faster.
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The Recruitment Rules!
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